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Fri, Sep 19, 2014 | Nitsavim

Camp Yeshua - Messianic Youth Summer Camp

Camp Yeshua

Camp Yeshua 2014 is scheduled for July 13–18.

With so many Messianic believers scattered about, often fellowships are made up of just a handful of families. In most cases, teens and young adults in those fellowships have very few, if any, friends that believe the way they do. Originally, the Feast of Tabernacles was the only time of the year that many Messianic youth could meet others that were just like them. As the youth program at Tabernacles continued to grow, the youth wished to have more opportunities throughout the year to see the friends they had made. We made the effort to make that a reality.

Camp Yeshua was first held at a small camp ground called “Camp Yeshua” in south-western Oklahoma with about 50 people. Though we outgrew that particular site, the name stuck and each year since 2002, Lion and Lamb Ministries has underwritten this annual youth camp for ages 14 to 18. We meet at Oakridge Christian Camp in Anadarko, OK, about one hour southwest of Oklahoma City. In 2010 we had over 220 Messianic youth and staff attend Camp Yeshua.

The days of camp are filled with teachings and activities as well as plenty of fun, games, and time with friends. Each day is concluded with a full evening program of teachings and praise & worship, and we end each night with starlight Davidic dance.

The results have been stunning. Parents have commented that their youth have grown tremendously in their spiritual walk as a result of our camp. Youth have commented that it is the best week of their lives and wish that it would never end. Some of the original youth who attended years ago are now married and serve as staff for the camp. It is only one week out of the year, but the positive effect our camp has on the youth lasts for a lifetime.

We encourage you and your youth to be a part of this life-changing event!

Registration for Camp Yeshua 2014 is closed.