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Sun, Sep 21, 2014 | VaYelech

RealPlayer Cloud

With the introduction of RealPlayer Cloud, our recommendation that people use RealPlayer is on tenuous ground. If you've heard Monte speak about the "cloud," it should raise concerns about it. Below is a detailed set of instructions for installing RealPlayer Cloud. You may want to read it through first and also print it out to refer to as you work through the installation.

If you wish to update or install RealPlayer Cloud, please be aware that almost everything they present as 'mandatory' is actually optional. You don't have to sign up for an account.

If you choose to download it, you can follow these installation instructions to minimize the "Cloud" aspect of RealPlayer's new product. You'll be presented with a stark welcome screen with 3 available actions: Cancel, Options, and Accept.

You'll probably want to visit the Options so you can turn off some of the default actions.
Unless you want a shortcut, you'll probably want to uncheck the option to "Add a desktop shortcut..."
You probably don't want to see RealPlayer's little "Download the Video" button appearing every time you view anything RealPlayer thinks is a video in your web browser, so you'll probably want to uncheck "Enable browser download button" as well.
Finally, if you already have programs that you like handling your music and videos (like iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.), you probably don't want RealPlayer to start handling all your multimedia, so uncheck "Use RealPlayer Cloud to automatically open any videos...".

Whether you've changed options or not, to proceed you must click the blue Accept button. For some time now, RealPlayer has been including offers with their installer. You do not have to accept these offers. Simply uncheck the "Install (offered product name), along with RealPlayer" option and then click the "Next >" button.

The installer will then inform you that it "must" close your browser in order to install the "Download the Video" feature. Considering most people probably unchecked this option, this notification is rather interesting and telling. Obviously, RealPlayer is going to install the extension anyway, it just won't be visible. Additionally, despite their claims that you need to close you browser, you really don't have to. Click the "Cancel" button to continue.

The installation process will then continue. Once installation completes, you'll be presented with a prompt to "Sign In." Unless you really want to use the Cloud aspect of RealPlayer Cloud, simply close this window to continue by clicking the X button in the upper corner.

The next dialog box that pops up prompts you to Add Media to your Library. Interestingly, the Cancel button and X button are disabled. This process appears to be mandatory, but once you click Next, you can simply click each Cancel button that appears until the Results appear... unless you really want RealPlayer to index your computer and add everything to its Library. Click the Finish button to dismiss this annoyance.

Finally the program proper should open. If you don't want RealPlayer Cloud handling your media files, you'll probably want to change the Preferences to prevent that. Click the 'RealPlayer Cloud' button to bring up the main menu and then select Preferences near the bottom of the menu. If Library & Device Sharing isn't already the selected Category, go ahead and choose it.

Select each folder location in the list on the right and then click the 'Remove Folder' button. Then uncheck the "Notify me..." and "Check these folders..." options. Since you aren't using the Library for your media, you can also choose the Disable option for Device Sharing.

Next, you may want to change the startup screen RealPlayer opens with. This option is in the General category. Choosing "Now Playing" will ensure that you come up to a nice blank screen instead of the assortment of Internet videos.

That should cover normal installation for RealPlayer Cloud.